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Finale of Silence


A royal Copenhagen tea set is prepared on the garden table. The sun gently shines in a summer afternoon.

The sun seen from Mars is a small light of hope for the branches undergoing photosynthesis, creating a refreshing atmosphere. Such atmosphere creates the gentle wind that silently makes a white laced curtain sway.

Small light yellow flowers bloom at one side of the garden. The chirping of small birds can be heard somewhere.

A tranquil and peaceful scene.

"Heero, I prepared tea."

Relena calls out after putting hot water into the teapot. Heero, who is pulling out weed looks back at her.

He was about to say something, but stayed silent and slowly stood up.

"I already threw that name away...."

Heero pulls out a chair and sits down.

"Right now, "Heero Yuy" is the name of the third President's aide"

"It's the second president, right?" Relena said smiling, as if she forgot that she was once the second president.

"He honors you in his own way"

Relena looks at Heero who is resting his chin on his hand.

"Can't I call you Heero?"


He still has not decided on a name.

He didn't want to use Aiden or Clark, and it's troublesome remembering being Beta.

"...Whatever you like"

"Then, Heero it is" Relena nodded with the best smile on her face. She then pours black tea to the cups.

"Here's your tea."

She gently blows on her tea and slowly drinks.

Heero drinks his tea in one gulp and stops for a moment as it is still hot.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to warn you that it's hot"

"It's okay, this is nothing."

A slight burn pricks his lips and tongue.

Heero is glad that he's now able to feel something like this. He didn't allow himself to feel such a slight pain before. He didn't have the time to do so.

"I baked cookies." Relena brought out a large plate and placed her home-made irregularly-shaped cookies on it.

"My mother preserved Grandmother Katrina's recipe."

Heero took one cookie and ate it, its fragrance spreading in his mouth. Though irregularly-shaped, the texture is great. It's sweet that you can feel its luxe.

"Delicious, right?" Relena asked with confidence.

"Yeah... let's send some to Dr. J next time. Katrina is his first love after all."

Heero takes another bite of the cookie.

"He's still alive?" Relena asked in amazement.

"I believe he's 99 this year." Heero said as he eats, finishing his already warmed tea.

"He'll live for another hundred years"

"Was he infected with the V.V?*"

"Like Quatre and Vingt? No, that's not possible. He's simply one of the "ill weeds grow apace."

"Is that so...."

They spend the rich moments for themselves.

It's been five months since they became husband and wife.

Relena received the letter with "Will you marry me?" on the spring of this year and immediately agreed.

Heero doesn't have a national registration number and is listed as an outsider. But even without the documents and formalities, they are tied more than enough in their hearts.

Their house is built by the lake which is not that far from the Winner Hospital. It's a small hut surrounded by a plantation. Relena goes to the Winner Hospital to nurse and visit her mother.

There are times when Heero leaves and disappears for a couple of days. He would return to work on something and wouldn't go out for a while.

Right now is one of those ordinary afternoons.

Relena is curious where Heero goes whenever he leaves but she didn't ask. She thinks that Heero will talk about it when the time comes.

But when she sees his pay is more than enough for a living, she thinks that it's probably a work for the government.

Even so, there's no feeling of tension and she guesses that it's not a life-threatening task.

Relena feels happy being able to spend time with Heero like this.

However, there's a time when she asked this:

"Is it alright if I'm the only who feels this happy? Even though there are still lots of unhappy people on Mars...."

She can't help feeling that she ran away from a mission given to her.

Heero pressed his forehead to Relena's and gently said, "Relena, you're finally free from the Peacecraft curse. I want you to treasure that. I believe you've already done your part."

The usually silent Heero will only speak about the very important things with loquacity.

"If you will say "I want to return to being a Peacecraft for the sake of peace" my job will be harsher than ever. I may have to kill the people who would try to use you in politics. I would have to risk my life fighting to protect you."

"Please, anything but that."

"Then, right now, no, from here on, seek only for your happiness. Someday, peace will come to the people of Mars." His serious eyes hide the faint traces of tears.

Right now, Katherine and No-name Phobos, Fenrir's Duo are probably fighting to preserve the peace on Mars.
She can't think that Doctor T and Instructor W, or even Master Chang, are spending their days in peace. Even the Third President, Maxwell, is not the type to sit obediently in his office.

But those became trivial to Relena now. In the days that Heero takes a long off, he would spend most of his time gardening. No matter what happens, she wouldn't let go of such perfect happiness.

During the long time that Heero's out, Relena had a secret hobby. She built a small rose garden in the secluded area of their garden.

She wants to show it to Heero and surprise him.

She planted her favorite rose seedlings, diligently watered them, protected them from insects and created a small lane using brick stones.

She constructed an arch at the entrance of the garden, the rose shoots twining around it. It created a natural harmony with the surrounding.

The summer in Mars' northern hemisphere is twice longer than Earth.

As long as the roses get watered and fertilized, they will grow in surprising abundance.

Relena's favorite is the white rose called "iceberg." Its green shoots make the big white petals stand out vividly.

Most of all, it's good that they have less torn. Heero would worry if he saw a cut on her fingers.  He doesn't miss such detail. Relena wants to spare him from worrying more than anything.

They generally spend the whole day in kind leisure.

Their shadows slowly stretch on the grasses. The afternoon tea is coming to a close soon.

Beams of light bound lightly through the leaves below the trees, the shadows of the swaying flowers, and within the ripples of the lake from afar.

"Heero...there's something I want to show you."

Relena said as she cleans up the tea set from the table.

"Is that so. But before that, there's something want to talk to you about."


Heero took out a paper from his chest pocket.

"I found my birth certificate dated AC 180. My mother's name is "Aoi" but my father's name is blank."

"What's this for?"

"I can now register for a resident number...and we can enter our names as husband and wife (legally and officially)."

Even after hearing that, Relena didn't feel the need for it because she didn't feel any discomfort so far.

"I don't want the father's name on our child's birth certificate to be blank."

Heero looks serious.

Relena felt nervous when he said "our children" and blushed bright red. She's honestly happy.

She felt kindness in Heero's serious behavior.

"Thank you, Heero."

"I'm thinking of changing that name."

Heero is just fine as it is, Relena thought.

"And? What do you want to show me?"

Relena pulls Heero by the hand towards her secret garden.

He passed through an arch wrapped in white roses and the beautiful rose garden spreads before him.

Alberic barbier, yvonne ravier, winchester cathedral, glamis castle, jacqueline du pré also bloom fully aside from the rose iceberg.

"Th-this is..."

Heero stares at the white magical world in amazement.

"White rose means innocence and purity in the language of flowers. It can also mean mutual love. And it seems that iceberg is also called "Snow White" in Western Europe."

"It's the first time I saw such beautiful roses."

Tears gather at the corner of Heero's eyes.

"Strange...my tears are supposed to be frozen."

His tears start falling drop by drop.


Relena feels Heero's tears. She expected him to be surprised, but this is the best reaction for her.

"Did this please you? I built this by myself."

"Wonderful. Truly wonderful. This rose garden is the most beautiful place here on Mars."

Relena is not satisfied.

Because there's no such elaborate garden on Earth. That's the reason she chose white roses.

"Oh? Won't you say it's the most beautiful in the whole space?"

Heero stopped to think for a while then said "....I can't do that"


"Because I haven't toured around the whole space.  And I don't want to lie."

Relena wanted him to say it is even if it's a lie.

"Heero, you meanie..."

The small sun sets below the lake's horizon.

"Relena who keeps calling me Heero is the mean one"

They turn their gazes to the tiny setting sun.

In the garden, Heero and Relena's silhouettes nestle close together forever.



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